Basic informations:

  • Body temperature detection distance 0.5 – 1 m
  • Camera focusing range 50 to 150 cm
  • Temperature measurement accuracy is ±0.5°C
  • Fast recognition speed, complete detection is done in seconds
  • Optionaly IC/ID card reader
  • Support for external card readers, fingerprint readers and barcode readers
  • Control of access gates and other peripherals
  • Attendance temperature measurement data exported in real time
  • Smart Pass Management sw for remote managing of all terminals on a network
  • Can be used as attendance system with access control management
  • Offline storage up to 100,000 face photos and recognition records
  • Support offline and online HTTP transmission cloud deployment
  • Support photosensitive sensor coordination of night light supplement
  • Screen display content configuration, custom company name
  • User database – up to 30.000 registered useres

Standard specifications:

  • Android OS, CPU Quad-core Cortex-A17 RK 3288 (optional Six-core, Eight-core)
  • Storage EMMC 8GB
  • 8inch display resolution 800×1280
  • Network Ethernet and WiFi
  • Camera 2Mpix, 1920×1080; Automatic white balance and backlight optimalization
  • Thermal imaging temperature detection module supporting 32×32 array, 30°x30° perspective; temperature range 30°-45°C; 0,5m distance, +/-0,5°C accuracy
  • Operating temperature 0 to +40°C
  • 10 to 90% Humidity non-condensationg
  • Power 12VDC; 3A
  • Dimensions 274 x 128 x25 mm (296 x 132 x 25 for IDcard/ICcard)
  • Weight 0,5kg


FeverMat, Face ID, Face recognition
Face recognition, Face ID, Fever Mat
Ticket controler, Fever Mat, Tempeture
Face Recognition, Fevermat, Tempeture
Ticket machine, Ticket contoller
Face recognition, Face ID, fevermat
Fevermat front view, Tempeture
Face recognition, FaceID, fevermat
FeverMat on the stand, Silver
Cabel output, Silver fevermat
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